Microdosing magic mushrooms

What Are The Health Benefits Of Taking Tiny Doses Of Shrooms?

Even though magic mushrooms are still illegal in most states globally, microdosing shrooms have rapidly become very appreciated by people over the recent years. According to users` reports, the benefits of microdosing psilocybin include improving general well-being, concentration, energy, creativity development, etc. Buy magic mushrooms to take advantage of consuming psilocybin, and reach some desired effects. Today, we will discover what shrooms microdosing represents and the benefits of microdosing mushrooms.

Microdosing magic mushrooms at the glance

Microdosing is determined as a practice of taking small doses of some common psychedelic substances or hallucinogens. Consuming tiny amounts of the drugs are considered not to cause any «high» effect or lead to a complete psychedelic trip as it happens when taking a full dose. According to some studies, we can talk about a microdose as a drug dose only around 1% of the full amount. The most common substances that people microdose remain psilocybin, LSD, DMT, ketamine, etc. Microdosing tends to be regular to bring mental or physical effects to a user.  

Health benefits of microdosing shrooms

While users expect to get recreational and spiritual benefits when consuming higher doses of psilocybin, people on microdosing are likely to wish to enhance their emotional state and improve general wellness. But all the benefits from microdosing are based chiefly on the participants’ self-reporting during a study, making the results not as accurate. At the same time, the placebo effect might also take part in reporting the health benefits of psilocybin. It happens when a member goes for a study with reasonable expectations that may influence the final report. Still, here are the most common benefits of psilocybin microdosing to be aware of.

  1. Improved mental health

Reducing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety is the common reason why people start taking tiny doses of psilocybin. According to a study in Psychopharmacology, around 21% of people responded that they use microdosing for depression treatment, 7% of participants used microdosing for anxiety symptoms, while 44% of participants responded that their mental health has dramatically improved after taking small doses of psychedelics.

  1. Help to quit bad habits

Some users claim that microdosing helped them to quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Moreover, quitting coffee was also in a list of microdosing benefits. While these properties remain promising, we need more scientific studies to ensure it works.

  1. Improved focus

Microdosers also admit that psilocybin helped them be more concentrated and hence more productive. Interestingly, one recent study has shown that microdosing causes reducing levels of distraction.

  1. Optimized creativity

The common claimed benefit of psilocybin microdosing is boosting creativity. While this effect might result from reducing stress and increasing concentration, some celebrities even tried microdosing to be more creative. Once again, more scientific studies are necessary for evidence.