Microblading Session

How Long Does A Microblading Session Take?

Our eyebrows tend to get thinner over time due to some reason. Many people wish they had fuller and more natural-looking eyebrows, and the microblading procedure appears like an excellent option for them. Microblading is typically confused with an eyebrow tattoo, but this approach tends to make a more natural appearance of eyebrows and produce longer results. Today, we will introduce a quick guide on what is microblading and how long is microblading procedure.

Microblading at the glance

Eyebrow microblading is associated with a semi-permanent pigment tattoo that is done by using a hand-held tool. While microblading, the pigment is applied close to the skin surface, unlike tattooing, where a brow artist applies the pigment intensely into the skin. Microblading is pretty appreciated among clients since this approach can create a natural-looking eyebrow color and strokes that significantly match natural eyebrow hairs. 

It is worth mentioning that since microblading utilizes pigments instead of inks, the result looks more natural and can fade over time. This treatment is also considered to be entirely safe for most customers.

Microblading is a nice solution for everyone under 18 years who wants to intensify the natural beauty of their face. However, like with any other cosmetic procedure, microblading has a range of contraindications. They include susceptible skin, pregnancy, diabetes, skin cancer, hemophilia, etc. You need to consult with your brow artist or dermatologist to make sure a microblading procedure is not contraindicated for you.

How long does microblading eyebrows take?

A microblading procedure doesn`t require much time to be done – it is a quite simple process. In most cases, customers are recommended to attend two sessions with a break of four to eight weeks for the best results. If you wonder how long microblading takes, the first appointment will take between two and three hours. A majority of this time is dedicated to selecting the most suitable color and carefully shaping eyebrows. Your brow artist should make sure that eyebrows are looking symmetrical enough.

On the other hand, your second session will take less time. Your other appointment will be fully dedicated to a correction needed to evaluate the healing process. Additionally, during a second session, your brow artists will perform any changes with microblading you wish you had. It is essential to make sure the shape of the eyebrows is perfect and symmetrical.

How long do the results last?

Since a microblading treatment is semi-permanent, the results can last one or two years. Though, the longevity of microblading effects depends on post-care, skin type, sun exposure, and other factors. For instance, results will fade differently in people with oily and dry skin types. If you attend a few sessions of microblading, make sure you appoint yearly touch-ups to maintain the overall effects.