Car Shipping Checklist

The Ultimate Car Shipping Checklist

Car delivery is a time-consuming and expensive process that you must fully control at all stages so that something does not suddenly go wrong. Searching for specialists, preparing documents, agreeing on time and amount are all under your responsibility when applying to a car transportation company. Many aspects cannot be forgotten in any way, but given the amount of complexity associated with transportation, you can forget about some big and small details.

To keep you from screwing up, we’ve put together a unique shipment checklist. Let’s study the points of the plan together!

What does the auto checklist consist of?

To begin with, remember that most of the work on transport delivery you need to do before the company starts the shipping process. This is since it is impossible to somehow correct the situation on the road. So be careful!

So what are the steps to take:

  1. Decide on the delivery method.

There are several ways: firstly, ultimate auto shipping with the help of professionals and in-house.

  1. Find out how carriers and brokers differ. Everything is quite simple here:

  • Brokers are intermediary firms that connect you with direct carriers.
  • carriers are companies that deliver your car from one end of the country to the other.
  1. Decide between open and closed vehicles.

The difference between the two is vast. The fact is that an open car transporter, according to statistics, is a little more dangerous and traumatic for the cargo because, on the way, it can be strongly influenced by the weather (hail, snow, rain, sun, etc.). But at the same time, this method will cost you several times cheaper. Choose this option if you don’t have a precious and unique car.

The closed auto transporter is explicitly designed for rare, vintage cars. It costs excessive amounts, so not everyone can afford it, but it is safer.

  1. Study the offers of various companies.

Do not negotiate with the first company that catches your eye right away. It would seem that this is a simple and understandable rule, but many people easily neglect it. In the meantime, to form your successful vehicle delivery checklist, it is essential to remember that you must be aware of all the options available. So you will find the best service for good money, and there will be no problems with the company’s trust because you will read all the reviews.

  1. Choose one suitable company.

Don’t leave this step for later. Choose right after researching the market.

  1. Set a shipping date.

No one can say for sure the delivery date, only approximately. However, regarding the departure time of the ultimate auto transport, you determine the specific moment and must notify the carrier company.

They usually try not to wait longer than four days from the appointed date and not delay delivery, but anything can happen.

  1. Take out insurance (special for transportation).

As we said, the road is an unpredictable place. In addition to basic car insurance, take temporary insurance (especially if you have chosen an open car transporter).

  1. Investigate the condition of the truck before shipment.

It is essential to pay attention to the appearance and properties of tires since it is this transport of the company that will be responsible for the delivery of a multi-ton weight safe and sound.

  1. Check the battery in your car.

This aspect can significantly affect the price since you will have to pay more dollars if the car is faulty.

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