Accounting Experience

How To Get Accounting Experience?

Business accounting is not a specialty where employers will rejoice at beginners and young people without experience, even if they have a very good education, since they will have to entrust you with their finances, and in this regard, people are especially meticulous. You must understand this position when you go to your next interview. However, you should not despair, because you only need a drop of patience and an unconventional approach to get a good seat. But let’s talk about everything step by step.

What is accounting experience?

  • Choice of direction and development in it.

First, let’s deal with question number one, which is the key one. You may not yet understand this, but each of your colleagues has chosen one of the areas of accounting as their profiling. This can be the payment of a scholarship or salary, an analysis of the business plan and financial goals of the company, taxation, audit, or, in general, responsibility for the payment of receivables and payables.

You are free to choose the section of accounting that is closer to you in spirit.

It is important to decide before you start looking for a first job, because otherwise you may miss good chances due to lack of confidence in your own strengths and goals, or, on the contrary, get into the company for a position that will not suit you.

  • Professional quality.

In addition to the above, we can say that accounting experience includes the development of a certain set of qualities in a specialist, such as, for example, self-discipline, caution, perfectionism, and high ability to build logical chains for analyzing enterprise records.

  • Social skills.

It is also important to be able to ask the client the correct clarifying questions about the tasks and the desired results.

  • Technical ability.

All accountants should be able to use the software at the proper level, as this is actually the basis of your work. Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Sage 50 Accounting – you should know all these programs like the back of your hand. Candidates who are immediately familiar with them will be able to easily find a job, even without experience.

How to get accounting experience?

  • Resume + cover letter.

When looking for a job, it is very important to correctly write a resume, indicating all the qualities that you would like to apply in a new place. But you do not need to lie to the employer in any way since you will simply waste both him and your time. If you understand what is inherent in you, for example, scrupulousness, then tell in detail in your resume about previous achievements during your studies, writing all the details about you. 

This will not only indicate the abstract qualities of your character but also demonstrate them immediately.

When sending your resume to one of the companies that posted a suitable vacancy on the job search site, you can also write them a cover letter for an accounting job with no experience, in which you explain what exactly attracted you to the position in their company. Believe me, this is a good way to get a job, as employers are always captivated by an individual and responsible approach to their offer.

  • Free work in a volunteer or church organization.

If you have a financial cushion, then this is a good option for you to gain experience while doing a good job at the same time. In addition, employers should be bribed by the fact that you are a caring person who is ready to help others.

This can be anything from a homeless shelter, a nursing home, or a church near your home. Pick one thing and then after working there for a while and getting good recommendations, you can get a well-paid job.

You can also contact the administration of your educational institution and ask them to take you for a part-time job or an internship for a small fee.

How to get an accounting job with no experience?

On the job search site, you can check the box next to the “no work experience” icon and the service will select suitable offers for you. That way, you will most likely be able to get a job in a small company that wants to save money, or on a part-time basis, or in a long-term internship job.

Also, do not forget that there are some vacancies, such as a place in government agencies, where a large staff of employees can tell a newcomer what is right and what is not. They often hire people with no experience, only with special education. But do not expect that in such a place you will be able to earn mountains of gold.  Remember that this work is for experience, which means it is temporary.

So, now we hope that you do not despair and understand that the lack of public accounting experience is easy to fill and that this is by no means a verdict. Good luck with your search!