Timeshare Exchange

How Does A Timeshare Exchange Work

Timeshares are widely appreciated for the opportunity to visit luxury apartments and resorts year after year. This type of ownership gives people the right to use the property for a specific period, usually one or two weeks. Furthermore, one of the perks that many timeshares offer owners is being able to exchange their timeshares. Timeshare exchange appears like an excellent option to receive new travel and vacation opportunities. This article will try to figure out how a timeshare exchange works.

What is a timeshare exchange and how does it work?

Generally, timeshare exchange appears as the ability for timeshare owners to trade their weeks at a specific resort at another vacation property. Your goal is to clarify whether your vacation club or resort ensures timeshare exchange via internal programs. The deal might be free in internal timeshare exchange and only happens within your vacation club. 

You can find many internal exchange opportunities at famous vacation ownership brands, such as Hilton Grand Vacations Club or Diamond Resorts. Another option is to refer to an external timeshare exchange available in a range of popular timeshare exchange companies Most of the external offerings and worldwide timeshare exchange options are usually done along with an external exchange company, like Interval International. You should own a property at a resort attached to an external exchange organization to be able to fall for this opportunity.

Regardless of the kind of exchange you select, the process of timeshare exchanging features the same steps. If your timeshare provides either a fixed-week or floating-week system, you should deposit a week with your vacation club or a timeshare exchange company. You can now make a reservation at a resort that stands by the same or lessened quality via a timeshare trade. 

Apart from that, exchange with a point-based timeshare system might be different. You can use your gained points to book a vacation via internal or external timeshare exchange programs of your choice. Furthermore, some timeshare exchange companies might require owners to deposit their points before making a reservation, providing points` conversion to the exchange point ratio.

The best timeshare exchange programs

If you seek great deals for timeshare exchanging, it greatly depends on whether you want to exchange internally or externally. The most established resorts, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Worldmark, and Wyndham, all offer timeshare owners the opportunity to exchange or travel internationally within their programs and systems. 

Seek to exchange deals in the mentioned resorts in case you want an internal exchange or want to travel internationally. Otherwise, you need a reliable exchange company to exchange externally. Essentially, the two largest and most famous exchange companies on the current American market remain Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International. Interestingly, most Marriott resorts are exchanged via Interval International, while Wyndham prefers trading through RCI company.