SMS Marketing

5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes You Should Know About

Mobile marketing blog has gained great popularity nowadays. SMS marketing is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to achieve the best results through minimum effort. In most cases, such SMS contains a simple description of the most popular product with the link to the site where a customer has the possibility to have a full review point demo.

What are the most popular text message mistakes?

The first very important is to find the right target audience. Every product has its even specialties and characteristics. It means that the target audience for every good or service should be absolutely different. One of the most popular mistakes is choosing the wrong audience. Before sending the messages, you should analyze all client’s bases and think about who can be interested in this or another product.

Very funny look mistaken text messages. The person who has received the SMS with grammatical errors just cannot perceive your company seriously. First, it causes distrust, and the desire to buy goods in your company disappears. So there is a need to do everything possible to avoid texting mistakes.

SMS should not be so long. Every message has to express the basic idea. From two or three short sentences, the potential client must understand what you are promoting. If the text is long and complicated, there is a big chance that it will not be read.
Give the client the opportunity to unsubscribe from the distribution of your messages. The absence of such an option can cause negative attitudes towards your company and the spread of bad rumors. If the person absolutely does not interested in your products, leave him or her alone.

Keep in mind that one message should contain the advertising of one product. In another case, the potential customer can lose the basic idea of the message.

Why is SMS marketing so popular?

According to increasing the number of subscribers, the technical equipment of telephones also grows. Every day on the market appears more and more additional services for mobile phones. But even nowadays, SMS is a very popular mobile phone feature. For the operators of SMS messaging, it brings a big revenue, sometimes even more than 50% of the overall income.

The phone has just ceased to be just a means of transmitting voice messages. Now smartphones are equipped with photo and video cameras, and radio. It is possible to transfer color pictures and video. All this allows operators and specialized companies to offer different subscribers services. A lot of modern companies find SMS marketing as one of the most effective.

If the tools of mobile marketing are used correctly and at full power, it becomes an excellent way to promote products, services, brands, and inform the buyer about the company’s novelties and events.